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Phoenix Mercury finds itself embroiled in controversy as Skylar Diggins-Smith

Phoenix Mercury finds itself embroiled in controversy as Skylar Diggins-Smith, a distinguished six-time All-Star, recently disclosed that the team has denied her access to any of the team facilities or player resources while she is on maternity leave. Earlier this year, Diggins-Smith joyfully welcomed her second child. In a tweet expressing her frustration, she revealed that the team management has chosen not to acknowledge her during this time, except when it comes to financial matters. This means she is unable to use essential resources such as the practice facility, massage therapists, chiropractor, chefs, strength and conditioning trainers, and nutritionists – privileges that are available to every other player on the team. The situation has sparked discussions about fair treatment for athletes on maternity leave and the importance of providing adequate support and resources during such important life events.

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